Increase the energy efficiency of your current rooftop HVAC units and reduce your carbon footprint by installing our DrivePak™ solution

Are Your Rooftop HVAC Units Wasting Energy And Costing You Money?

Even though a packaged rooftop air conditioning unit has to have enough capacity to produce a comfortable environment when the year’s most extreme climate conditions occur, most experts agree that full capacity is required less than 10% of the time.

So, you could say that even a properly sized unit is “oversized” most of the time. Since the blower fan on these units has only one operating speed – 100% – they are wasting energy 90% of the time. Given that 47% of a typical retail store’s energy consumption is used for heating, cooling and ventilation according to EPA studies, this wasted energy represents a significant cost to facility managers.

Rooftop HVAC Unit
HVAC Fan Speed Chart

The Solution is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Upgrade

DrivePak™ is an energy efficiency upgrade for your rooftop HVAC units that changes the blower motor from full speed operation all of the time to multiple speeds using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Matching the fan speed to the amount of cooling needed reduces the amount of energy needed by the blower dramatically.

The chart shows how power needs decrease exponentially as fan speed decreases from 100%. For example, a 20% reduction in fan speed equals a 47.2% reduction in power used (100% – 52.8%), and a 50% reduction in fan speed results in a power reduction of 87.1% (100% – 12.9%). Running your fan at half speed on average is a realistic expectation with the DrivePak™ VFD solution. Imagine the energy cost savings that would generate for your facility.

How DrivePak™ Integrates With Your HVAC Units

We install a DrivePak™ variable speed drive along with a control interface board inside the fan section of each HVAC unit, protected from the elements. The control unit intercepts the heating and cooling commands sent by your energy management system or thermostat and reduces the unit’s blower fan speed to meet the actual load required to condition the space. To optimize performance, settings are determined by the conditions that exist for each individual unit.

Our technicians, using testing and balancing procedures, check the overall performance of each unit including heating and cooling performance, belt tension and pulley alignment, blower motor amperage draw, coil and filter cleanliness, and compressor refrigerant charge. They then take airflow readings and determine the proper load-matching airflows and fan speeds to be used.

A final closeout report is provided which includes detailed documentation of each unit and the work performed.

DrivePak™ Solution for Canada

Is DrivePak™ Right For You?

If your standard rooftop HVAC units still have at least 5 to 10 years of usable life it makes no economic sense to rip and replace them with the newest designs that already incorporate VFD technology. For a fraction of the cost of rip and replace, you can install DrivePak™ now on your existing units to achieve the same cost-saving VFD technology benefits. You’ll also benefit in three more important ways:

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
 – Clients who have already installed DrivePak™ are seeing a decrease of up to 70% in carbon emissions related to the fan motor. Implementing DrivePak™ will therefor help your company meet planned future mandatory regulations and limitations of carbon emissions.

2. Improve Your Customer Comfort Levels
 – DrivePak™ improves the dehumidification capabilities of existing equipment. Some of our customers have been able to increase the temperature set points without sacrificing occupant comfort.

3. Extend Your Equipment Life
 – Installing DrivePak™ allows your existing units to start “softly” and ramp up to the desired speed. There is less vibration when running at lower speeds as well. These factors reduce wear and tear on belts, pulleys, bearings and even the mechanical and electrical connections within the unit.

Ask us for a complimentary consultation to determine the cost-saving potential of a DrivePak™ efficiency upgrade for your rooftop HVAC units.

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