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In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, you’ll want to have an energy management solution in place that can monitor, measure, schedule and control electrical building loads, and centrally control devices like HVAC units, and lighting systems.

Our Enterprise Energy Management System, built on the industry-standard Niagara platform, is an open, non-proprietary system that can communicate via BACnet, ModBus, Lon Works and custom drivers.

  • You pay no licensing fees
  • You get the most advanced hardware available
  • You get software that allows enterprise control and reporting

Energy Efficiency Upgrades To Existing Equipment

It is likely that equipment you purchased just three or four years ago may already be superseded by newer models that are far more energy efficient. For a fraction of the cost of a complete rip and replace, we can help you achieve the same energy efficiency by installing upgrades to your existing equipment.

One major opportunity for decreasing your energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint is doing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) upgrade to your existing rooftop HVAC units using our DrivePak™ solution.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade
Energy Audit And Assessment

Energy Audits and Assessments

Our energy audit and assessment process will determine how much energy your building is currently consuming and identify what measures you can take to make it more energy efficient. It includes:

  • Analysis of all energy costs associated with electricity and gas.
  • A complete overview of energy usage for mechanical systems, electrical systems, and lighting.
  • A complete list of energy conservation opportunities including annual savings and payback calculations.
  • Opportunities for financial assistance.